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August 26, 2013
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TheXcity: Ian Moser by naru-chan5123 TheXcity: Ian Moser by naru-chan5123

Name: Ian Moser Yen
Age: 31
Gender: male bishie
Gang status: Scientist - permission given by tiny-midget
Occupation: He's the owner of a library/coffee shop
Height: 178cm

:bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletblack:Personal information::bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletblack:

Personality: Seems calm and quiet (doesn't last long tho, once you know him he's just sort of silly), simple on his way of thinking (over things like feelings and human nature in general, with his work is something completely different), Usually takes everything literally and can be pretty dense and oblivious (also this goes mostly with his interactions with other people) He can be snarky at times and may treat people like they are stupid (lol such a personality) He enjoys routines and consistency in his daily life, he is honest and can have a really short temper, also he can get pretty childish at times (since he really wasn't allowed to act like a child when he was one), He's a can be really paranoid (reason why he likes routine), Polite and well mannered, loyal and hard working, he can be an asshole, very impatient (it's really hard for him to have to wait for things, that why he doesn't like buying things on supermarkets on doing lines or waiting for anything, he would usually do this sort of things online if possible), He can be really lazy in the mornings and tends to cry easily once you are past the calm exterior (cry baby lmao), He can be a little bit of an Idealist even on the city he lives, that's why he set himself such a goal, can be clumsy and is really scared of thunders and spiders...Has a little of a revenge streak (and get's his revenge done in the most childish ways possible) Can act caring and sweet, though with only a few people...

Positive personality traits:

:bulletwhite: Honest
:bulletwhite: Loyal
:bulletwhite: Caring
:bulletwhite: Polite
:bulletwhite: Professional
:bulletwhite: Responsible
:bulletwhite: does cute count?

Negative personality traits:

:bulletblack: Dense and obvious
:bulletblack: Resentful
:bulletblack: Impatient
:bulletblack: Cry baby
:bulletblack: Lazy
:bulletblack: Paranoid
:bulletblack: Snarky
:bulletblack: Childish
:bulletblack: short tempered


:bulletblack: photographic memory
:bulletblack: Appeal to animals, for some reason they just love him lol
:bulletblack: Sewing and Knitting (lol yes)
:bulletblack: krav magá (He dislikes weapons of any kind so this he's pretty damn good at this)
:bulletwhite: Expanding his book collection
:bulletwhite: Reading to Sophie
:bulletwhite: Making costumes for Sophie
:bulletwhite: Sophie
:bulletwhite: Experimenting with his cooking (Sophie hates this btw)


:bulletblack: Dislikes and it's even scared of guns (lol and he's in gang haaaa)
:bulletblack: Sophie (loves her so much that's she's probably his biggest weakness)
:bulletblack: Paranoid (freaks out when he's routing get's too massed up or just freaks out easily with anything)
:bulletblack: Sickly (asthma lol)

:bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletblack:Background information::bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletblack:


Father: Joshua Moser (68) Brilliant man, kind and charismatic man when he was young. Became indebted with the green tigers to revive his oldest son when got shot in cross fire one time when he was out with his friends. His personality severally changed from that point on.
Mother: Mei Yen (63) Strict and caring woman, she was quite rebellious in her younger days.
Brother: Ike Moser (41) Died and got Revived at the age of 9. Serious character, non colored, works as a teacher in the university, married.
Sister: Lifen Brown (38) Married, stoic and a judgmental woman, sweet at times and as strict as her mother.
Brother: Lei Moser (passed away when he was 28) His father's son with another woman, he was non-colored to the time he passed away, his heart wasn't able to become a gem since he died in a explosion.
niece/Adoptive Daughter: Sophie Moser (5)Lei's daughter. Lost both of her parents in a explosion at the age of 3, She's a very temperamental and out spoken little girl, very smart and very sweet, struggled a lot to get used to Ian and they tend to fight quite a lot tho they love each other. (She bosses him around)


:bulletblack: (0-5 years): Both of his parents were non-colored people, His mother being part of a rich family that were part of the green tigers She decided to never join the gang officially or take part in any activities related to her family business that was technology development, because she wanted to keep a sort of normal life, away from the violence of the center of the city or been directly related to her family; She married really young her family accepting her husband only because he was of value for them (they could see how much of waste it will be if they didn't took advantage of his intelligence) Soon after they had their first kid. They decided that they wanted to live a quiet live away from the main parts of the city so they soon moved to the outsides of the city on small house surrounded by gardens, wanting to give their children a quiet live as possible, they eventually got the support of his mother's family who paid high taxes to keep them safe and get them to life a decent life, he got a job as a teacher in X's University their life was normal and they tried to stay as away from the gang's chaos as possible.
When his brother was nine he was walking near downtown with some friends, they had ditched off school that day and he got shoot in cross fire, between the green tigers and non colored, he died in the scene his friends who were with him collected his gem and took his body with them, his parents desperate to save his oldest and first son asked for help to his mother's family, they became indebted with them and his father was forced to join the green-tigers in order to save his brother, and got what they wanted from the man since the beginning. He was successfully brought back to life though with a disability, he could no longer see. After this his father's personality severally changed, Ian was born a few months later and for the time Ian was big enough to realize the things going on around him his father wasn't the sweet man he once was, his first years were really different since his early day, he showed signs to have the same talents as his father, he learned to read and write the basic levels really fast, and his father realized he remembered anything he read or image he saw, making his learning processes much faster even superior to his own father's when he was this age. His father started to took to work and teach him and educate him personally, His mother never complained about the treatment that Ian was receiving because she was busy taking care of her ill soon, Ian's older sister was jealous of the situation and decided to leave to live with her mother's side aunt. When he was still a baby his father got a woman pregnant, his relationship with Ian's mother because cold, and eventually divorced, his father decided to send money to this woman, but not to get involved in the child's life. When Ian was six he meet his brother for the first time but didn't got to see him again. Despite his father's ways he was from the beginning a really sweet and quiet kid though changed because of how his father raised him.
:bulletblack: (5-10 years): He eventually noticed his fondest for animals and animals fondest for him, bringing street cats and animals, taking care of any creature he thought was hurt, his father really didn't mind this as long as he studied every book his father brought home. When he got too old for his father to take him everywhere he decided to kill two shoots on one, the woman he had an affair with and his son were living in poor conditions so he brought them home with the excuse that she would work as a maid, Ian was extremely happy about this because now he will get to live with his brother, and he wouldn't have to stay at school or wait for his father at work. To that day he had been a rather unhappy kid, but getting to play and be his brother changed him a lot. At the age of eight he was started on krav magá as a request from himself. He disliked weapons and violence but he was a smart kid, and he knew he needed something to defend himself living in a city like this, at least just in case. He became quite attached to His brother's mother, loving her even more than his own.
:bulletblack: (10-15 year): He started to study and work on things that were really above his grade, officially he should be in ninth grade but we has already reading works of people from college level, his relationship with his brother made him change and become happier, he was his best friend, and even though his father was clearly bothered by this he promised not to separate them as long as Ian kept improving on his studies. His father made him took special interest on bio technology medicine and engineering related subjects. When he was 14 he reached his first lvl of expert on krav magá.
:bulletblack: (15-20 years): When he was sixteen his father who had reached higher ranks by this time made him join the green-tigers and took him to work as his personal assistant on all his works and research projects, learning from the beginning everything that had to be made, he really wasn't a boy to worry for things like girls or anything like that, he barely had the time to spend with his brother who was having a different life than him, he was attending to school and spending time with his friends, he even had a girlfriend, things that Ian felt truly happy about for him, but that also envied, he always had wanted to quiet life his brother's had, at least a normal childhood instead he was forced to study more and more without time to do anything else. He wanted to rebel against this and try for once to have a normal life but his father threatened him, if he didn't do as he told he would take off the support money and protection he gave to Ian's Ian's brother and his brother's mother but he knew this meant send to hell to both, and he loved them way to much to let that happen to them so he decided to join the gang like his father said.
:bulletblack: (20-25 years): He had decided to not let the gang change him, so he kept his life as normal as possible, he bought a small place as far away from the center as possible and with a loan from his father and own savings he opened a Library/coffee shop he had wanted to move from his father's house and live on his own, to his own terms as much as that was possible, he liked books, and smell of coffee so when deciding what kind of business he wanted to have he decided to make a combination of both, the first floor being this and living on the second floor of the small building. To this time his father didn't bother him anymore as long as he got his work done. When he was 22 was the last time he heard about his brother, he had a no-colored status he had been planning joining the gang, because it was the only way to be safe, he wanted to join as technical engineer but he meet a woman whom he married soon and lost communication with him after this.
:bulletblack: (25-30 years): Life went on as usual with minor incidents, only receiving a few news about his brother, he knew he had a daughter, and from that day on he decided to help them out and send them as much money and as often as he could, When he was 28 he was already respected for his work on behalf of the gang and securely ascending to higher ranks, one day he got a call, his brother and his wife had died, almost no bodies were found, only recognized for his dental records, he took in and adopted his brother's daughter, raising her as his own, struggling a lot to get used to have someone to live with him and take care of he had to learn things like sewing and how to wash baby clothes, or to cook things a small child could eat, from this day also he became really scared of things and danger, his brother's death affecting him much more than he thought, with a small child to take care of things got hard and difficult for him. He decided to be different from his father, and be present in Sophie's life a put her happiness above anything.
:bulletblack: (30 - on years): He reached his goal to become a scientist for the gang, this securing his future and Sophie's protection, he also learned that Sophie could be quite bossy and it got worst as she grew up, he is rather happy, as much as one can be in his situation...He keeps practicing krav magá reaching master level .Enjoys his work, his goal is to make to help as much as he can to make this a better place for Sophie to live in...

Gang history: He joined as a pre-junior as soon as he could to help on his father's work more closely eventually took over his charge. The day he got Sophie he regretted making this decision though later on he came to terms that at least they had more protection like this.

Weapon 1: Special highly concentrated chloroform spray, made by himself, a little on your face makes you really dizzy and numb for some minutes losses effect on seven seconds so it has to be applied really close to your nose, exposure for more than 30 seconds can make you pass out for a some of minutes, a ton of the stuff can kill you.

:bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletblack:Additional information::bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletblack:
Voice sample: -tbt-
optional extra info: He's a cat lover, once ate dog food, camps on Sophie's room when there's a thunder storm though he will say is because she gets scared lol, cries when he sees romantic movies, his greatest wish is to make X city a better place for Sophie to live in (lol he's a bit of a dreamer k). He looks naturally young (baby face yay - it's a family thing) and likes to look young and to look good (in his own terms at least, uses hair and skin products like a girl =v=, randomly says facts about things that no one cares about lol


Tiny thank you for inviting me ♥...

and I'll make a decent drawing of his naked torso and tatoo soon...i wanted to rush because if not i can't until next weekend and i don't have much time until it's due ;A;
also tattoo image from google, idk who did it? there wasn't anything about it so...idk ><
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